This is, simply put, a blog about a lifestyle of minimalism—for millennials especially, or for anyone really.

But I’m a millennial.

I was born in ’87.

And I’m a minimalist. And so, a millennial minimalist.

I can count on both hands everything I own, just about.

I’ve been forced into this life, I say, by constantly avoiding that beaten path.

This is the outcome.

But have no fear, Gentle Reader. For though I may appear a bit rough round the edges, a bit dirty and disheveled, you are in good hands yet.

Through my adventures, writing—and reading—has remained to me very near and dear. And if you’ll have nothing of my advice on how to live like a minimalist, then I hope you’ll stay and enjoy my writing still. For I flatter myself at the very least, of a fresh voice to share.

Which is my reply to other blogs out there on the Internet. Where I feel is too often a lack of good writing, on the Internet as a whole. And sometimes even a lack of proper advice. And so, I must do something about this. Only because I can.

For programming has also been one of my passions. Though not nearly so strongly as writing. And I’ve learned a little along the way. A very juvenile full-stack developer, I’d say, I’d call myself, I’ve become. Very juvenile. Only knowing just enough to get my writing out there onto the big stage. I use WordPress now for this blog, you see, because I’ve not yet been able to make for myself a nice user interface like this. Which I find is much friendlier to work with.

And with great power, comes great responsibility, Mr Parker. And I’ll use the gift I’ve been given—discovered practicing minimalism even, of necessity—for some good.

Which is better than complaining, doing—something, at least.

So here it is, a blog to you, Gentle Reader, about minimalism, an alternative option of escaping the working-class drudgery of a 9-to-5 job—in true millennial fashion. More dangerous than that usual path prescribed us perhaps.

But with bigger risks, come bigger rewards.

And I feel here now, that I must give a proper disclaimer. That minimalism should only be undertook as far as it can be handled.

Recognize the great comfort in which to-day we’re lucky to live. Minimalism is a cold dive into primitive Arctic waters. And should not be practiced by the unable or unprepared.

You have my warning.

Minimalism can be dangerous. Just as anything else is dangerous—though in perhaps more accepted ways.

And at last, I must say, Gentle Reader. Thank you for your kind eyes. I give them a kiss, and remain always, a much obliged,