If at all you ever want, always feel free to send me an email at andrew [at] oeoei [dot] com.

I have also a more personal website where I write more freely essays, for practice mostly—writing and coding. Feel free to visit if you’d like, It’s very bland there, I warn you.

Or else I have a Twitter account too. Where you can find me often—a frequent distraction while writing out these posts. I love Twitter.

I have Instagram too. I like sometimes to pretend I sometimes take pretty pictures.

Or leave comments for me somewhere on this site. I do enjoy them. And I will most likely reply.

Otherwise I have no Facebook.

I know, I know. Everyone is on Facebook—for now anyway. And likely it would be more beneficial to have a page for the site, for more eyes. But I don’t even want to be tempted. So I stay completely clear of Facebook.

Twitter is better anyway.

And suggestions I also take. Gladly. Or recommendations. Or criticism even.

If you have ideas you’d like to see wrote about by me, then let me know. Drop me a line. I’d be much obliged. Preferably on the topic of minimalism. But I’m open to all suggestions really.