The Minimalist Millennial

That would be me, the minimalist millennial. I was born in ’87. And right now, currently, in 2017, I look round me at all my possessions, and can count on 2 hands everything I own.

I’ve been forced into this life, my reality. I see it so anyway. By the decisions I’ve made evading those other beaten paths. Which paths lead straight off a cliff, I’m convinced—straight to death, all distracted by all the plastic scenery along the way.

There’s no opportunity for me out there—modern industry, consuming. I’m to create my own way instead. Or else wither away. And I’ve yet to wither, as proof. Though I’ve only just discovered—one foot for safety always previously dipped into that life I denounce.

As a minimalist, my distractions are removed. I have nothing, stripped of possessions. I’m chained to nothing because, a form of freedom. Creation is my only concern. It’s all I have to do.

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What Is a Minimalist Millennial

Well, I’ve already described what is a minimalist—to me anyway, what is a minimalist. Here however, in this case, the title of this blog post, it’s used as an adjective, minimalist. It describes, with the same meaning it has as a noun, the other word, millennial.

So what is this millennial then? And really, what is a millennial? This question is a part of the definition, I think. What is a millennial?

It’s a word used to describe a generation, millennial. A generation that came-of-age—into adulthood, the scam it is—in the early years of the new millennium, I’ve seen it put. People who were born in the late 1980’s all the way up till about the turn of the century, 2000. Though dates vary. The generation after the Generation-X generation. Or “Echo Boomers” they’re sometimes referred to, millennials, according to Wikipedia, children of the Baby Boomer generation.

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What Is a Minimalist

What is a minimalist?

Well what is a word? Only a symbol to which we attach some meaning.

And anyone can attach any meaning to any symbol. In fact, I’d be so bold to suggest, that no 2 people can attach the exact same meaning to the exact same symbol, or word. All our experiences are different afterall. I am me. And you are you.

But to this symbol, this word, minimalist, I attach this meaning. A minimalist is a person who lives with as little as possible. As little as they need to survive. Or more specifically, as little as is needed to survive, in general.

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